Why I Chose WordPress Over Blogger (BlogSpot)

This is my first post here.

I won’t pretend my arrival onto this website was meticulously planned or thought-out. I don’t really follow any specific bloggers, and yet I must have read hundreds of opinion pieces, articles, commentaries, blog posts, and so on, like anyone who spends a lot of time online likely has. Knowing that I wanted a place to wedge various little personal projects and thought-pieces together, and also knowing that it will be a largely personal endeavor as opposed to some kind of organized venture, I have few grand aspirations for this. People may come for individual pieces of the pie, but I’ll be surprised if anyone wants to devour the whole thing.

So, I was looking for a platform that was amateur-friendly, but not amateurish. I had taken a look at Blogger once in the past and found it to be intuitive enough, so that’s where I first directed my attention. However, as the planned content began to stack up, I realised that as a total beginner I was, in fact, in a privileged position: I might never have another opportunity to swap platforms, with so little to lose, again. I thought about all the job adverts I’d encountered that insisted experience with WordPress would be a boon, and it suddenly clicked that my unthinking assumption that WordPress was just a site for DIY amateur bloggers was very much outdated (if it was ever true). I began sifting through people’s accounts of having used both to see what they preferred, exactly as you may be doing now.