Reasons to Catch the Most Common Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Many long-time Pokémon Go players complain about the same few Pokémon appearing over and over again, but in a way we’d miss them if they didn’t. In late 2016, when an event massively diversified the types of Pokémon appearing in the wild, some players started to fear that they wouldn’t be able to find enough Pidgey around to keep leveling up quickly with.

Different places have different common spawns; some Pokémon that are remarkably rare in one locale are surprisingly common in another. This is thought by many to be down to the game’s “biome” system. A Norwegian player recently surprised members of The Silph Road’s subreddit with a list of common spawns  in his area that suggested Clefairy was significantly more common than the likes of Weedle and Rattata. With that said, Pokémon like Pidgey seem to be pretty common just about everywhere.

A mistake that newbie players often make (assuming they are interested in climbing the trainer level chart) is that they ignore Pokémon like Pidgey, even though catching large numbers of Pidgey and evolving them all at once with a Lucky Egg activated is one of the fastest ways to level up there is.

Here’s a list of Pokémon that tend to be pretty common, and the reasons you may want to reconsider simply ignoring them on your quest to find something more interesting.



  • At 12 candies per evolve, it takes an average of just 3 Pidgey to be able to evolve to Pidgeotto. If you save those evolves for when you next activate a Lucky Egg, each Pidgey caught could effectively net you over 400 Exp.
  • Wing Attack / Hurricane Pidgeot is a good attacker for its Combat Power level and can be used to quickly increase the prestige of friendly gyms.
  • One day in the distant future, you may want to have a good Pidgeot around to use as a Mega Pidgeot.



  • Bite / Hyper Beam Raticate is a good attacker for its low Combat Power, which helps it level up friendly gyms more quickly during training.
  • If you are an achievement hunter, the number of Rattata catches needed to earn the Youngster medal in Pokémon Go is usually HUGE. One player reported having caught over 2000 Rattata before finally achieving that gold-star Youngster medal.
  • Rattata is relatively cheap to evolve, at 25 candies. If you aren’t saving Pokéballs for Pidgey, these can help you level up too.



  • One of the few Pokémon that requires just 12 candies to evolve, so you can evolve around a third of the Weedle you catch. Same catch-rate per level as Pidgey, just as good for leveling up.
  • Dual Bug / Poison typing makes it a fast way to unlock the Bug Catcher & Punk Girl medals.
  • It may be worth keeping a good Beedrill around in case Mega Beedrill is one day released in a future update.



  • Can be evolved into Crobat from Gen 2 onwards, which is not a bad Pokémon.
  • Double-resists Fighting, Bug and Grass-type moves, so evolved forms may one day be useful in battle against Pokémon like Heracross.
  • Dual Poison / Flying typing makes it a fast way to earn the Punk Girl & Bird Keeper medals.
  • Very satisfying to launch curve-balls at.



  • One of the few Pokémon that requires just 12 candies to evolve, so you can evolve around a third of the Caterpie you catch. Again, good for leveling up.
  • Its final evolution, Butterfree (Bug / Flying type), double-resists Ground, Fighting and Grass-type moves. It is also considered a good option to train against Exeggutor, as Exeggutor is double-weak to Bug-type attacks and Butterfree does not have a weakness to its Psychic-type moves (unlike Poison-types).



  • Evolves into Gyarados, currently one of the strongest Pokémon in the game. A lot are needed for this (100 on average).
  • Gyarados may one day be even better than it is now, if Mega Gyarados is released.
  • It will usually take a huge number of Magikarp catches to unlock the gold-star Fisherman medal.
  • Lowest catch-rate per level in the game, making it on average the most Pokéball-efficient way to catch Pokémon for Stardust.



  • Dual Grass / Bug typing helps you quickly earn the Bug Catcher & Gardener medals.
  • Parasect double-resists Grass and Ground-type moves, so it matches up well in battle against some Pokémon.
  • Solar Beam Parasect is a very strong attacker for its Combat Power level, and matches up well against common gym defenders like Vaporeon, as well as Golem / Rhydon that only have Ground & Fighting type attacks. Efficient at training up friendly gyms.



  • Currently the only very common Psychic-type in the game, making it a quick way to earn the Psychic medal.
  • Quite rare in some areas, and may not be common in your area forever.
  • Hypno is considered a relatively strong attacker for its Combat Power level and can be useful for training friendly gyms.



  • Very common in some areas, but quite rare in others. People in other parts of the world will be jealous of you if you see a lot of these.
  • Evolves into Vaporeon, a top-tier defender that is easy to get due to Eevee being quite common.
  • Jolteon is one of the best Gyarados counters in the game.
  • There are many more Pokémon for Eevee to evolve into that will be released in future generations, so start saving those candies.
  • Quite cheap to evolve at 25 candies. Helps you level up faster.



  • Good to use up Pokéballs on if you’re lucky enough to have too many.
  • You can collect Spearow candy, just so you can say, “Hey, look how much Spearow candy I have!” But then you can’t evolve them for experience any more.

Another reason to catch common Pokémon, which applies to pretty much all of them, is that they tend to have high catch rates for their level. This means they are all quite Pokéball-efficient if you are catching Pokémon to increase your Stardust supplies.


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